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[NI017] Donald ray was fourteen years older than myself and it was like having an uncle that lived with us instead of a big brother. He brought his friends to the house and they all called our mother, Mom. One of his friends, Estas, came to live with us when I was four years old.

[NI018] Now Sharon was a good sister when we were children. When I was seven for Christmas she made doll clothes for my beauty queen dolls. When I caught her making them she told me they were for her friends niece. I was so envious of that girl getting all of those pretty clothes for her dolls.

[NI019] I grew up on tales from my parents about their lives and my siblings when they were young, B.M. (before Melissa). For Larry, my favorite one was the one when he wouldn't have anything to do with pennys. It seems that one day when the ice cream man came he couldn't find Mom. He did find a penny however and took it outside to get a treat. Even though things were cheaper in 1947 it cost five cents for an ice cream. The next time the he was given five pennys to get a ice cream he promptly threw them down, also throwing himself to the floor and kicking and screaming. When Mom got him calmed he told her he wanted an ice cream and the money she gave him was no good. Mom showed im that he had five pennys, good for one cone, by counting them. One, two, three, four five. Thereafter, whenever he heard the truck coming he would find Mom and say, "tree,four, fie."

[NI020] Grandpa Wilson was a migrant farm worker until he became employed by the railroad. he retired from the railroad and he, Grandma and Uncle Leroy moved to Wyoming. They lived in an apartmaent behind Uncle Jack's and Aunt Mardell's until they died.

[NI021] Grandma Wilson died of colon cancer in 1971. We went to her funeral, taking Mom with us. This was the first time I had been to Wyoming since Grandma and Grandpa's Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1962.

[NI038] Aunt Edith was like a grandmother to us, or at least to me. Mom's parents died and our father's parents were so far away that we only saw them on occasion. In fact we did not know them very well at all. We didn't see alot more of Aunt Edith but we did she her more and she wrote us often.

[NI210] I want to thank Jon Vordermark for information that confirmed my findings for Peter D. Herr.

[NI219] I would like to thank Phyllis Buchanan of Wichita, Kansas. Before she gave me this information I thought Robert Crofford Beathe was James Samuel Beathe's father. Robert Crofford was Joseph A.K.'s uncle. With this information we have also added another gerneration.

[NI220] Mary M. Hicklin went by the name of Peggy as far as we can tell.

[NI223] As per Phyllis Buchanan, 1-98

[NI733] All of the information on the Tricks family has been given to me by Norma LoDusky Beathe Tricks.

[NF019] Wayne and Tanya were married in a chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada 0n August 3, 1991. They stayed together for five years nine months, at which time they separated. They filed for divorce in June on 1997. The decree was granted on February 26,1998.

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