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From here you will be able to access all of our records. We have several different ways you can access the data. First each individual has their own information sheet which is cross-referenced for relationships such as marriage, children, parents. This information sheet contains all the pertinent information for the individual. You can look for individuals by name or surname. This enables you to quickly find an individual if you in fact know their given name.

We have switched gedcom processing programs. We were using GedPage but have decided that its feature set was inadequate for our needs. We have since switched to Ged2Html. This program allows us to create HTML genealogical records fitting our format on the fly along with a lot of extra options. Ged2HTML also creates better index pages, in my opinion, that load faster and are easier to navigate.

For those of you concerned about personal privacy please read our privacy policy.

Total number of records sought by people is

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