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Why build this site?

This site was developed to publish the genealogical history of my family in order to allow others to see and use this valuable information. The work displayed on this site is the sum total of hundreds of manhours of labor and research and the person who deserve the most credit are the ones who entered all this information into Family Tree Maker to begin with. To those people I owe my undying gratitude. If it wasn't for them this information would still be buried in record vaults and musty tomes.

How this site works

This site is designed with three main navigation bars that all the user to access the entire site. These navigation bars will work in any browser and are enhanced using the newer browsers via inline javascript programming.

Main Navigation Bar

mainbar.gif (4348 bytes)
The main navigation bar looks like the graphics above. It appears at the top and bottom of every page. This navigation bar allows you to access all the top level pages in the site. If you get lost go to either the home page or the table of contents to regain your bearings.

Flow Navigation Bar

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The Flow Navigation Bar is the graphics just above this one. It consists of the Back and Next Buttons. If there is no previous or next page the button will not appear. Use this navigation bar to traverse the pages that reside on the same level.

Child Navigation Bar

childbar.gif (20627 bytes)

The Child Navigation bar looks similar to the image at the right and provides a graphical link to all subpages from the current page.
Note: The All records page does not have a Child Navigation Bar due to the fact that it contains linkes to over 700 subpages. If two graphics were added for every link we would soon overrun our server space and it would take a lifetime to download the page using a typical modem.

How this site was built

This site was built using Microsoft FrontPage98. This is a WYSIWYG editor and is very handy for building relatively complex sites in a uniform manner. This site uses a modification of the Nature theme that comes with FrontPage98. It uses a basic FrontPage98 layout but the order of pages is not based upon any template. If you would like me to make you a Frontpage Website for your business, genealogical or personal use please email me at

After publishing the site from FrontPage98 to my local harddrive, the site is imported into Macromedia's Dreamweaver. In Dreamweaver and using a text editor called Textpad32 the web pages are checked for correct HTML and the HTML coding is edited by hand to fit with Geocities' specifications and directory limitations.

All genealogical data is stored in Broderbund Software's Family Tree Maker package. This software package is currently up to version 4.4.

All genealogical data found on these pages was exported from Family Tree Maker into a text-based GEDCOM format and formatted for the internet using GEDPAGE 2.2. This excellent program while being no-frills gets the job done fast and efficiently. It took about 35 seconds to process my GEDCOM files. Each family page then has to be hand edited to add the look and feel from the rest of the site to it.

The links, graphics and spelling are all checked, tested and doublechecked. Only then is the site uploaded to the Geocities server and tested in an online state.

We are currently using Netscape Communicator 4.04, Microsoft Internet Explorer and AOL 4.0 to test this site. You can find links to Communicator and Internet Explorer on our downloads page. If you wish to upgrade to AOL 4.0 please contact AOL for an upgrade disk.

About the Author

My name is Wayne Luke and while I am certainly interested in my family history, I have never under taken the vast and time consuming research it takes to document the information. I am a computer programmer and a freelance internet developer by trade. I built this site to contribute something to my future and to let my children know where they came from. I cannot take credit for all the information on these pages just the display and format of that information. If you like this site or would like to talk to me about your own site please feel free to contact me by email at

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