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This is where we will post all changes to this site. If your a frequent visitor make this your first stop to make your visit more enjoyable. This page will contain a "version" history of new features and changes to old ones.

Changes to Web Site Since June 20,1998

July 13, 1998
Added more links to the links page. Joined the Largest Genealogical Web-Ring on the Internet. This webring prohibits members from joining others so if you feel I should leave this one please let me know.
Added stuff to the download page, these programs include shareware genealogy titles and other useful titles for today's Internet User
July 10, 1998
Added Accessibility Features. Dates are now in an international friendly format, plus I added text descriptions to all images. More Accessibility features to come. If you would like text only versions of these pages please email me
June 28,1998
Received a new gedcom file that fixes several spelling errors and adds a few people to the database. These records are being privatized and will be uploaded on July 4th, 1998.
June 26, 1998
Uploaded all records in the file. The records of living people have been privatized following our Privacy policy.
June 25, 1998
Added more counters to track visits to some main pages
Updated site layout a little. Hopefully to make it easier to use
June 24, 1998
Updated the Guestbook pages to match the look and feel of the rest of the site.
Added search form to Table of Contents page. You can now search our site.
Added privacy guidelines. Will privatize all records and get them on lines ASAP.
June 23, 1998
Added counters to the Links and Bookstore pages to measure traffic flow
Updated copyright page. Add link to article on Genealogy and Copyright
Added note about privacy issues on genealogical records page and what we are doing about it.
June 22, 1998
Luke's Family History is born. Page is online and initial testing has gone well
June 20, 1998
Concept of the page is thought of. I mean what better way to publish your family history?


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